Mandurah Roller Door Centre Garage Doors

Sectional Overhead Garage Doors

B&D continues its commitment to innovation with the latest introduction of the Panelift Icon.

B&D Panelift Icon is in a class of its own when it comes to strength, durability and reliability, designed to give you and your family years of security, safety and protection.

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Timber Doors and Individually Designed Garage Doors

The timber door range adds a natural feel, style & beauty of timber to your home. Individually designed garage doors enable you to customise your door to suit your home.

Residential Roller Doors

Recognised as an Australian icon in 2004, the B&D Roll-A-Door® is Australia's most popular garage door. This range of doors is the top of the line in design, style and features. Available in an extensive range of colours the B&D COLORBOND® Roll-A-Door® is tailor-made to suit and fit your garage perfectly. Constructed from COLORBOND® steel, the B&D Roll-A-Door® provides a quiet, smooth operation whilst adding security to your home.

All Roll-A-Door's come with a stylishly designed centre lift lock which not only makes the door look good, but makes locking and unlocking easier. We also include a mini groove top sheet to prevent scuffing and rubbing whilst in use.

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Industrial Roller Doors

The B&D Series 2 Industrial Roll-A-Door® is the most popular choice for industrial and commercial buildings. The gearing assembly enables high doors to be opened easily by hand or electric and remote controlled operation options are available.

In areas that could be affected by high wind or extreme weather conditions Mandurah Roller Door Centre recommends the fitting of windlock guide system.

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Colour Availability Chart

Click here to download the B&D colour availability chart. This chart shows the colour shades available for each door type.

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